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 Secured By Design

To give you reassurance, Rockdoor manufactures Composite Doors and French Doors in accordance with Secured by Design, a Police backed accreditation. Therefore you can be confident that Secured by Design Rockdoors leaving our state of the art production line meet with your local Bobbies approval.

Secured by Design ensures products are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with strict rigid guidelines, aimed at reducing crime in communities through product strength and security.

To esnure your door meets the Secured by Design standards, please ask your installer about the Secured by Design option. The upgrade requires laminated glass and a six pin locking cylinder, as stated in our literature.

All Rockdoor French Doors are Secured by Design as Standard. In order to acheive Secured by Design accrediation, Rockdoor French Doors feature laminated glass as standard and a six pin locking cylinder.

Secured by Design, SBD and the Secured by Design logos are trademarks of and are solely owned by ACPO Crime Prevention Initiatives.

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