The Door Store

Door Technology'Your home is your castle' is a saying familiar with most people; everyone wants to enjoy the comfort of their home in privacy and security.However, unless your home is secure, both front and back, by rock solid composite doors with an unbeatable reputation then it is only a matter of time until you become the victim.Many homeowners don’t know how vulnerable they are until after they’ve been burgled, and even then don’t do anything about it, which often results in a repeat attack.  Timber doors are no longer a suitable solutions in today’s modern environment as they are easy to break through, prone to warping and do not provide sufficient protection from the elements.At Rockdoor we go the extra mile to ensure that you don’t just buy a door, you buy peace of mind.   


  • Multi point locking systems, using incredibly strong Brass and Nickel hooks exclusive to Rockdoor
  • Secure steel drill plates which prevent the locks being drilled out
  • Cylinder guard protectors fitted as standard to prevent the lock from being snapped
  • Locking cylinders that prevent lock bumping
  • Outer frame just as secure as internal frame
  • Carbon Fibre or Aluminium and polypropylene reinforcement used on both outer and inner frame.
  • Internal steel mesh making the door almost impossible to cut through. (optional)


The Door Store 275 Padiham Road, Burnley BB12 0HA | Tel: 01282 411541