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 35% Stronger

Every door has its breaking point, but one of the only ways to get through a Rockdoor is with an awful lot of effort.

Police battering rams even struggled to break through Rockdoors, as proven with 'the Door that beat the Bobbies', which led us to wonder just what a Rockdoors breaking point actually is! If the Police find it difficult to break down Rockdoors, your average burglar doesn't stand a chance!

Putting Rockdoor to the Test Recent independent tests have further reinforced Rockdoors strength and security credentials. The tests featured a typical Rockdoor against a typical GRP composite from the nearest rival. The results were conclusive – Rockdoor outperformed its rival by 35%.

Source: Winkhaus TR996

Testing Criteria

Tested in accordance with PAS 24 – Hard Body Impact Test
The drop height of the hard body impactor in PAS24 is 165mm +/- 10mm.
The drop height of the hard body impactor for OUR testing was 680mm.
50mm diameter at impact point

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